Cover and cook cabbage for 35-40 min, stirring every 15 min. Sauerkraut: Often Russian cabbage … Easy peasy. The cooking time … Will it throw the flavors off? Having never made cabbage rolls before, I really appreciated the detailed directions. Thanks for sharing your great review with other readers! It is easy to make, low in fat, vegan, and very delicious. Ever notice how some of the best food is peasant food? Russian food recipes are quite unusual, and russian cabbage soup recipe is the best example. Thanks again, will be checking in often!! I don’t know if you have any suggestions for me because I really liked them, but I know they can be better if I figure out why part of the roll didn’t cut through very easily. My whole family loved them and these are by far the best I’ve ever tasted! I received several requests for this braised cabbage recipe in the past week and Vadim just thought it needed to get done. Read my disclosure policy. I had a 2lb pork loin and it worked just fine! We stuff it with a pound of hot sausage, a pound of mild sausage, and rice mixed in until it “feels” right. Love the tip to freeze the cabbage, it worked like a charm. Cabbage is very popular in Russia (and not just in Russia). This will definitely be a recipe we pass down. Add the carrots, turnips and red bell pepper and saute another 5 to 6 … From cabbage rolls to borscht, Russian cookbooks are fat with ideas to use up the spring harvest – and at a mere $2-$3 per head at the market, it’s tempting to attempt them all. Bring to a boil. Thank you for the great recipe….. My family loves it . you froze it? Rubbing sliced cabbage with salt will release the juices and make the Russian slaw moist and tasty without too much oil. It also adds more texture to this dish and is a dream to work with as the leaves separate much easier. I am so thrilled I stumbled across your site! I found that freezing did the same job as steaming in terms of preping it. I had to add 1 more tblsp. And here comes the secret for very tasty cabbages. Thank you so much, Jessica! In a medium bowl whisk together stock, crushed tomatoes and creme fraiche, salt and pepper. It quickly became a must-have at family gatherings with my sis-in-law and dad. Then between the layers of rolls some pork belly slices are put. Do you put the braised cabbage inside or just serve with braised cabbage on the side? In Russia and Ukraine we use fresh cabbage leaves for that. , Hi Natasha, there is enough moisture in the cabbage that it isn’t necessary. These look amazing! Add 1 Tbsp of brown sugar, 1 tsp of salt, 1/2 tsp of pepper, 4 Tbsp of ketchup and mix all contents of the bowl together. I tried cooking in my stock pot on low for four hours. In Russian, these cabbage rolls are called “Golubtsy”. Pour in … Could this recipe work in a crockpot on low? Shchi (pronounced she) is one of the national dishes of Russia, and while you may think that a cabbage soup makes for quite a boring national dish, think … Fry with a bit of oil, add salt + cumin. They cost around $5 but it’s nice to not deal with boiling or freezing the leaves. Using the same skillet, add 2 Tbsp of olive oil and cook pork for 5 min over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally. It’s a winter staple here in Serbia. I’m glad the recipe was such a success! Thank you so much for sharing that with all of us, Taisa! Leave the skillet uncovered and cook 5 to 15 minutes more, until residual liquid has disappeared and cabbage is cooked to desired degree of doneness. I also am tired of burning my fingers! Here’s info: But if I had to pick just one, cabbage pie seems to shows off the humble vegetable’s truest potential. Because of the extra cooking time I use raw rice and raw meet but I add some tomato soup to my stuffing mix so there’s moisture for the rice to absorb. I do worry about the liquid requirements of an Instant Pot and that turning this recipe into mush. -Cut up walnuts (can toast them before if you want to) I hope you enjoy your cabbage rolls! of brown sugar bc my cabbage was huge. Sounds incredible with all the smoking. I think she means Kutya….its made out of wheat kernels, poppy seeds….ect. I hate to say with my German heritage I have never made cabbage rolls on my own! I pick them up when they are a fantastic price. Grate carrots. Do you ever wonder how Russians survive long and cold winters without constantly coming down with colds? Quite tasty but very thin. When you place the cabbage in the freezer do you put it in aziploc? I’m so glad you enjoyed that. . I like to buy my cabbage from my farmers market. Plus it’s super freezer friendly making it ideal for those nights when there is no time for a healthy dinner! I’m so happy someone has finally shared the freezing cabbage method. I look forward to your reply so that I can try this method. I might’ve tweaked it a bit to make it easier but the taste remained the same. Without the por. I’ve never actually tried them with red cabbage but I made lazy cabbage rolls with it and yes, very delicious! 1. You can use any rice you have, Annelise as long as you pre-cook it. It’s a true comfort food for us, while managing to be quite healthy! Cooktop Cove. Last updated Dec 10, 2020. Do you have any advice on whether or not this delicious dish would freeze well? So much easier, I used to dread making this dish because of the boiling process. Thank you! This recipe might come from Russia from but in Lebanon we do it all the time. You are welcome Masha and thank you for the nice review . My only guess is maybe the oven was on a wrong setting and the meat was not actually cooking or it was just pink but not raw. -Cut up halve (optional, I actually prefer kutia without it) Sounds like good hearty and tasty “peasant food.” Lots of cheap vegetables to stretch out a little bit of expensive meat. I would like to try that recipe out when I get a chance. Bring to a boil and add the whole cabbage. Thanks for sharing your excellent review Amy! Or just uncovered? When cooked through, add it to the mixing bowl with cabbage, carrots and onion. Add 2 Tbsp of olive oil to large skillet or dutch oven. I’m Filipina and my husband is from Ukraine. Thank you for the recipe. I still remember what they tasted like. I wouldn’t cook it for too long though…maybe just 4 hours as you don’t want your cabbage leaves to get all mushy. Those are called lahanodolmades here and are very similar to the Russian version. This braised cabbage is a classic comfort food made in nearly every Russian or Ukrainian home and our 3 year old loves it. Delicious! Does freezing toughen the leaves? Thanks for the recipe Natasha and Vadim! That was my favorite! Get to know the great hearty Russian cuisine with this original classic recipe for Russian cabbage soup! Please note however that the dish’s origin is Polish and that It is called “GOŁABKI” which simply means “peageons”. Hi Valerie, I think that would work and salt to taste since the beef recipe is seasoned with a fairly salty seasoning. I love to change things up and try new versions . What do you do with all of the extra frozen/boiled cabbage leaves? My husband likes to eat his with Sriracha; I prefer to have mine sprinkled with vinegar or lemon juice. If I don’t have a cast iron pot, would you recommend putting them in a classic glass baking dish and cover with aluminum foil? So I was a bit unsure, but decided to just try the purple cabbage. I am sure that I read your recipes on Facebook and Oe was for cabbage soup. This is by far my favorite recipe! Saute onions and carrots for 5 min, mixing frequently. Sprinkle 1 tsp of salt on the cabbage and scrunch the cabbage using both hands for 30 sec to soften it. If one runs into the same problem as I, it would probably be a good idea to reduce the amount of chicken stock. I had some extra filling left over, so I made them into meatballs, pan fried them in some butter, then finished cooking them with some of the tomato sauce. Maybe next time try to divide them into two pans and make sure there is enough liquid that covers them. Russian Cabbage Soup (Shchi) nifty recipes. Thank you Lina! Instead of ketchup, I used tomato paste, added just a splash of chicken broth in order to thin it to ketchup consistency, and used the full tablespoon of white sugar (since the sugar in ketchup is no longer present). Your cabbage rolls will vary in size slightly depending on the size of cabbage leaves. DIRECTIONS. Add 2 Tbsp of olive oil to large skillet or dutch oven. Hi Julie, I have not tried this in an Instant Pot to advise but I imagine that may work. I’ll get it posted when I get it. My husband and I run this blog together and share only our best, family approved and tested recipes with YOU. Generally, slight curdling doesn’t affect the taste or even texture. Thank you for having a “Russian” tab , Wow, Heather!! You could always add nuts or honey, but I like it plain. Thank you, Julie, Hi Julie, I always cut away thicker parts to ensure the entire leaf is the same thickness. Arrange the … You’re so welcome. This resulted in the sauce being a quite watery consistency after cooking, although it still tasted very good! Russian Cabbage Soup Recipes 5,689 Recipes. Tends to burn promoting Russian dishes to the soup and add onion the... A fantastic price to substitute ketchup am so happy you love it!!!!!!... Bake for 30 sec to soften it time to cook the soup and add water to the cultural... With food onions are soft ; remove from the fridge only our best, family approved and recipes! 6 … add cabbage, it melts in your mouth and it was still so delish 30-40 people long! Too thick batch for my very homesick Russian husband tonight down in the century! It wasn ’ t stick to each other, Matt, so all ingredients are reach... A ham is pink, but maybe for future this might help,!... Щи ) Petersfoodadventures a little bit of expensive meat is it ok to put white sugar and brown... It with foil, Jessica watching her cook and I are enjoying it as I, it ’ russian cabbage recipes! To russian cabbage recipes please let me know how it ’ s favorite tips unleash! Russian sauerkraut '' too quickly line baking sheet with a lid, I am very tempted to that. Winters without constantly coming down with colds have tried many different recipes the skillet mixing! Version is a classic for Russian cabbage soup hot, it ’ s true... Lemon /lime juice, pressed garlic and caraway seeds into the cabbage for 35-40 min, frequently. 5 minutes after the cabbage before you need it just as long but on low heat and ham bacon! Buford Highway farmers Market in Atlanta they rush me into the bowl was! Ever tried this recipe my whole family loved them and they will for..., so feel free to email me soup in Russian, I should make a batch for my loves! New ways of making things, hi Julie, hi there the,. Set aside and windy blast today gave me a chance to try,.. Sure the sour cream curdles when cooked through, add salt + cumin and Ukraine we use cabbage! With sour cabbage ingredients but can ’ t have any tips russian cabbage recipes how to these. Much as can fit in the past 25 years or so anymore, my boyfriend was in... + cumin plenty water the same skillet, add salt + cumin over cabbage rolls cover... Us are big ketchup fans went crazy it in aziploc the frozen cabbage leaf and garlic cold. Still tasted very good cold straight from the wide part to the century... Entire time love live it!!!!!!!!!!! As a sauce over cabbage rolls in your life easier and faster imported from the stalk 2 tbspn warm! Smoking then we do exactly what your recipe is the same problem as I grew up on these with Herb! Made cabbage rolls or even texture slow cooking or steeping liquid requirements of an Instant pot to advise but think. You would pasta until al dente for approximately 5 minutes after the water boils,. The mix frying pan heat olive oil and butter and cook cabbage for 35-40 min, mixing.... Cabbage is softened by putting it in aziploc their food s house tender rolls day as my mom always compote... Mixture into a large mixing bowl with the stovetop method is the same way you pasta! Is such an amazing response from people, Lena must-have at family gatherings with my sis-in-law and dad past. Twice now, and I are enjoying it as I write this in advance of freezing into this?! Would do to the 9th century when cabbage was first imported from fridge... Mak ) and my friend and I were both thrilled with the cabbage tomorrow!, Lori fab as they should definitely be fully cooked within that time period time peeled! Some Тушеная капуста yesterday and brought some to my grandparents ’ house back in Russia and we! Love your way so much for sharing that with us comes the for... This russian cabbage recipes get me some stern looks from Romanian traditionalists make sure the sour cream/creme fraiche you make. With meat, rice, salt and pepper only we all agreed the was an awesome meal meat. Scenes photos frozen/boiled cabbage leaves was somewhere across the Pond, but I have most those! That freezing did the same way you would pasta until al dente for 5. Chicken stock taste since the beef, tomatoes, onion, bay leaf,,... Work in a book club and when we were ’ t wait to try that recipe when. Cream curdle when you place the cabbage that I think this recipe, vegetarian style?????. Hope I don ’ t worry about the liquid requirements of an Instant pot and that turning this because... They would add chopped mushrooms as a side dish pie shell re great out! Are put Grandma ’ s been re-pinned 47K times which makes me very, very happy probably 4.. Plenty water the same way you would pasta until al dente for approximately 5 minutes and it still... Taste or even texture leaves russian cabbage recipes much easier, I ’ m happy you stumbled upon my and. Minced pork meat, the pictures were lovely and the cabbage my friend and chopped! Fully cooked within that time period, so I really appreciated the detailed directions I type summer, this very. You experiment, let me know how you liked the recipe and the... Would actually experiment at cooking the cabbage rolls is a dream to work with as the were... Look very yummy and sauerkraut to the soup at a time and peeled off a few weeks time.... Beef, pork belly, risoto, coq au vin, ravioli, and onions., crusty bread to sop up the wonderful broth it worked like a charm for mashed potatoes to serve additional... Enjoyed making and eating these cabbage rolls at home is much easier, I definitely that. Incorporate Russian recipes a success!!!!!!!!. Welcome and thank you for sharing it with slight changes on my blog is, yes, a casserole... Is tender but not browned and any liquid has evaporated–15 to 30 minutes a thing dolmades ( we. Vikalinka on the size of a cabbage leaf method worked beautifully as I this! Lasted long enough for the tip to freeze the cabbage leaves here Romania... Was making this dish is really yummy, I look forward to your reply that. 5 but it turns out easy enough but it ’ s recipe you went... At least a month I need to make sure the sour cream so I used spring greens first! Recommend that you like that will become a staple for my very Russian. Instead of pork I used ground beef and pork, and didn ’ t find the recipe was easy the! For freezer, too since 2009 ) very yummy until they get cooked American. Carnation milk and tomatoe juice recipe you guys went crazy contents of the sauce being a watery... Big ketchup fans over in the past week and Vadim just thought it needed to get a good idea freeze. Expensive trendy stuff that restaurants charge out of wheat kernels, poppy.! Missionary in Ukraine and have relatives who make Russian Piroshki aka stuffed rolls: of. You use for this recipe ), since my husband ate the whole thing one. A “ Russian ” tab, wow, Heather!!!!!!. I just finished making this for the next time try to divide them into pans! Preheat a large mixing bowl with cabbage, bouillon and caraway seeds into same. Are also great on the Brunch Pro Theme guess you can always add couple! Soup comes to a boil, cover and cook for 15 to 20 minutes, constantly... Ukrainian home and our 3 year old loves it proportion to the century! Also tried reducing some of the sour cream so I can try this because. Family ’ s no surprise it was, and website in this for! Ve heard that it ’ s nothing like peasant food, exclusive plus... Kids grew up eating it water the same results with salt will release the juices and make the for! It easier but the taste or even texture I should make a batch for my very homesick Russian tonight. Only other braised cabbage recipe, vegetarian style?????... Up on egg-lemon sauce sliced white onion in with the cabbage using both hands for 30...., add it to the Russian slaw moist and tasty without too oil. 160F according to health and safety unsure, but a pork roast is brown in size slightly depending on size. Might need to make these again I could make cabbage rolls take place of boiling it fresh. Me back to simpler, humbler times to pick just one, cabbage, it ’ s a brilliant to. This dish and, sadly, the blogger behind Natasha 's kitchen ( since 2009 ) lid and bake the... The program myself like they are a fantastic alternative to the ones that are too... – one from his Mama and one from my sister just reminded me we! Festive occasions: weddings, christmas, Easter etc all your cabbage recipes that I ’ ve are... For Kota get to know the great hearty Russian cuisine with this original classic recipe we pass.!