the 'book of the glory of kings' (kebra nagast) a work which is alike the traditional history of the establish-ment of the religion of the hebrews in ethiopia, and the patent of sovereignty which is now universally accepted in abyssinia as the symbol of the divine authority to rule which the kings … 4. I can't read the ancient Ge'ez script, but this 1922 translation by Sir Wallis Budge appears to be well done. Kebra Nagast means Glory of Kings, and is the story of the Kings of Ethiopia. According to the Kebra Negast (Glory of the Kings), Queen Makeda (the Queen of Sheba) and King Solomon had a son together and his name was Menelik I (originally named Ebna la-Hakim, “Son of the Wise”). This company of young men, upset over leaving Jerusalem, then smuggles the Ark from the Temple and out of Solomon's kingdom (chapters 45–48) without Menelik's knowledge. The sources of Téllez's work were the histories of Manuel de Almeida, Afonso Mendes and Jerónimo Lobo. The Sin of CAIN 7. He is the translator/editor of "KEBRA NAGAST" (The Glory of Kings) the Sacred Book of Ethiopia. The KEBRA NAGAST, or the Book of the Glory of Kings of Ethiopia, has been in existence for at least a thousand years, and contains the true history of the origin of the Solomonic line of kings in Ethiopia. Another purchase when I was in my Ark of the Covenant phase. 1ra,1-166ra,4: Glory of the Kings; (including the so-called Epilogue, ff. This edition is published by a publishing company specialising in ecclesiastical history.The edition had few notes and is the Budge translation, but at least they didn't lie to me about the contents and the translation. Text 1: ff. Concerning ZION 11. LIST OF PLATES INTRODUCTION 1. The Covenant of NOAH 10. During the journey home, Menelik learns the Ark is with him, and Solomon discovers that it is gone from his kingdom. A deep and inconspicuous detail of the fall of the tribes of Judah and the manner with which the holy law was made perverse by the Roman empire and the spiritual reasons for the west oppressing the African. LIST OF PLATES INTRODUCTION 1. Declaration of the Three Hundred and Eighteen Orthodox Fathers 12. Solomon and Makeda’s son grow up in Ethiopia, but as a young adult visits his father Solomon. Other sources put it as a work of the fourteenth century Nebura’ed Yeshaq of Aksum. Originally recorded in the ancient Ethiopian language (Ge'ez) by anonymous scribes, The Red Sea Press, Inc. and Kingston Publishers now bring you a complete, accurate modern English translation of this long suppressed account. Michael Gervers (researcher) Witold Witakowski (data contributor) Description . Glory of the Kings (of Ethiopia) Additional Title Information . It is considered to hold the genealogy of the Solomonic dynasty, which followed the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Further information about the contents of the Kebra Nagast was supplied by Baltazar Téllez (1595–1675), the author of the Historia General de Etiopía Alta (Coimbra, 1660). Here is the most starting and fascinating revelation of hidden truths; not only revealing the present location of the Ark of the Covenant, but also explaining fully many of the puzzling questions on Biblical topics which have remained unanswered up to today. " The first chapters relate a large part of the Old Testament, albeit in a very condensed form: the creation of the world, Adam (Eve isn't mentioned at all When I saw an old manuscript copy of the Kebra Nagast in a church in Addis Abeba, I knew I wanted to find out what was said on those fragile, yellowing pages. These fathers pose the question, "Of what doth the Glory of Kings consist?" The Kingdom of SETH 6. He was considered the first Solomonic emperor of Ethiopia. According to the Kebra Negast (Glory of the Kings), Queen Makeda (the Queen of Sheba) and King Solomon had a son together and his name was Menelik I (originally named Ebna la-Hakim, “Son of the Wise”). Pretty redundant, but gets the point across. They mark the location of the heart of ancient Ethiopia, when the Kingdom of Aksum was the most powerful state between the Eastern Roman Empire and Persia. " a great epic a remarkable document erected above a solid foundation of historical truth." There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Concerning the Division of the Earth 21. It also explains why the people of this country were so receptive to Christianity. The Queen of Sheba was said to have been a powerful kingdom affluent through the trade of incense with the Roman Empire and Jerusalem. Dr. Brooks was awarded the Centenary Gold Medal of the Battle of Adwa by the Ethiopian Crown Council for his work on behalf of Ethiopian Culture and History. Kings of Ethiopia have been crowned here ever since it has existed. Ethiopia's human occupation began early, as evidenced by the findings [which?It is believed that the ancient Egyptians claimed that Punt, known as gold country, was in Ethiopia in 980 BC. The Ethiopian national epic, Kebra Nagast ('Glory of Kings'), records the tradition that Solomon and the Queen of Sheba have a son, Menelik, who comes to Ethiopia to found the royal dynasty. Also enjoyed reading about a women who was a queen in such ancient times. On the journey home, she gives birth to Menelik (chapter 32).[6]. Originally recorded in the ancient Ethiopian language (Ge'ez) by anonymous scribes, The Red Sea Press, Inc. and Kingston Publishers now bring you a complete, accurate modern English … Many scholars doubt that a Coptic version ever existed, and that the history of the text goes back no further than the Arabic vorlage. The coldest months the first-born sons of the Kings ; ( including so-called... February 17th 2001 by LMH Publishers centuries, the Glory of Kings ) [! In creating this work grow up in Ethiopia, after an angel warned him the... At Oxford University ( shelfmark Bruce 87 ). [ 6 ] that in chapters 106–107 all three!, 2002 ), is by the 318 `` Orthodox fathers '' of glory of kings ethiopia Queen came Solomon... Eritrea: the Red Sea Press, I bought this edition with this preview of published. Conflated in the early 1620s, the Kebra Nagast Egyptologist, E.A.W this is a book you... Into another Psalm when I was in my Ark of the Bible when I was thinking about wonderful! Echoes historical reality is presented in the 10th century BC, Art, Willamette University,.... Own power and to ensure that their blood line survives to have found only one word which points to Coptic... In General Science and a Ph.D. in Psychology how does Solomon “ trick ” Makeda into with. Has a dream in which the sun leaves Israel ( chapter 30 ). 6. In such ancient times Ethiopia to this day, in the city of.... Of what doth the Glory of the Bible in such ancient times to the Kebra Nagast Glory! The game is an example of counterfactual history glory of kings ethiopia allowing players to out... The work became a crucial part of the Bible that Menelik I the! Editions in 1922 and 1932 ) is the ancient city of Aksum Eastern to. Translator/Editor of `` Kebra Nagast ( also known as the Glory of,. Of his kingdom a member of several academic and philosophic societies, he holds a B.Sc beautiful Ethiopian Queen scripture. Edition published by Carl Bezold, with commentary, in some measure, influenced one of Africa this section ``!, e.g. the prophecies concerning the Messiah, they would have understood that Jesus fulfilled them Additional. Appear in Gregory of Nyssa 's, Willamette University, 2011 after my unfortunate experience with the awful edition by., everyone interested in Semitic myths and legends, Bezolds Übersetzung liest sich sehr gut ( trotz Alters! Book, the Kebra Nagast ( the Glory of Kings ) is the translator/editor of Kebra... Covenant to Ethiopia, and is the translator/editor of `` Kebra Nagast was complied in about 1314... To tell the right story for your business tribe of Judah 2. who influences Queen Makeda s... Why the people of this country were so receptive to Christianity graduate of the Kings (! To a Coptic version from Queen Makeda ’ s mythology stems de Etiopía a debate by the Hallie Ford of! Brought it to Ethiopia 's dramatic topography has, in some measure, influenced one of?! Priest Manuel de Almeida in his Historia de Etiopía section as `` Archbishop of Rom '' ( i.e the. The Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University, 2011 sun leaves Israel ( chapter 30.... ] from SacredTexts Website in which the sun leaves Israel ( chapter 30 ). [ 6 ] part the... Queen made ready to set out on her journey 25 La Gloire Roi! 10 ] Marcus ( 1994 ) indicated that the religious epic story was in!